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Group Group Youth is a non-profit organization and a registered society that has been operating in the community since 1987.


Group Group Youth provides our youth ages 6 - 18 with organized programs, community engagement and a casual drop in centre that promotes valuable social interactions.


To address the interests of children and youth in the Pincher Creek and area with a focus on those whose interests are not being addressed through other avenues.


  • To make available a safe, supervised, supportive environment for all of the community’s young people.

  • To provide social, recreational and educational opportunities for young people that they might not otherwise experience.

  • To promote positive interaction, understanding and communication amongst youth of different heritage.

  • To assist our youth members in developing to their fullest potential, thus becoming responsible, contributing members of our society.

  • To help other members of our community to see our youngsters in a new light, to understand their potential and to applaud their successes.


Anyone in the Pincher Creek area between the ages of 6 and 18 is welcome to drop in and become a member. There is no membership fee! Just ask to put your name on the attendance sheet.

       MEMBERS CAN.....

  • Earn points towards trips and other rewards by helping and being a good role model for other members.

  • Give us your ideas for activities and new projects

Make yourself at home, everyone is welcome

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