MARCH 7, 2022


Good afternoon everyone!  Thank you for joining us to take part in the 35th Annual General Meeting of our Society.  Since 1987 we have been providing social, educational and recreational opportunities for the young people in Pincher Creek and surrounding area.  This afternoon we will looking back over the past year and also looking forward to the months ahead.

Again, throughout 2021, COVID restrictions took their toll on attendance and programming.  However, we did see 108 different individual youngsters come through our doors.  The total number of visits to the Centre, made by these kids, added up to 1624.

And again, for 2021, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) provided about two-thirds of the funds needed for our operating budget.  A few thousand dollars from a previous Community Initiatives Program grant helped with some staffing.

Our volunteers helped us get through the year, filling in when extra assistance was needed.  Approximately 30 adults, including staff, volunteered some 550 hours by fundraising and looking after assorted duties.  The Casino Event in September alone called for nearly 200 hours and we certainly appreciated the time put in by those who came out to help there.  Our Youth Members, including Jr. Staff, put in another almost 100 hours over the year to help keep things running smoothly.

Fundraising projects included a trip with the kids to the local Landfill to pick the papers that had blown around the site.  The kids did an awesome job and we received a nice cheque in the mail for our efforts.  We gathered bottles throughout the year for recycling as well.  A major project for the year was the expansion of our raised garden beds.  A grant through Agri-Food Canada netted us nearly six thousand dollars to build, and set up, six more 4X8 garden boxes.  By the time these boxes were ready to plant it was too late in the season.  That planting is now a "this year" project.

Our four, already established, garden beds yielded us raspberries and strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, rhubarb, carrots, peas, pumpkins and one cantaloupe.  A nice contribution to our healthy eating!

In July, Pieridae provided us with $1000.00 towards our new website build.  This was a project we had been contemplating for some time.  Board Member, Mike, was a great help in getting that started.  Our Program Worker, Liane, took on the venture.  As of this last Saturday, our new, improved website is up and running.  Check it out!

A grant from ParticipACTION caused a lot of excitement amongst the kids.  We were given funds enough to purchase some good quality skateboards, and longboards, for our youngsters to develop their skills on.  We were also able to have a "qualified" instructor from the Boarderline Skate Shop in Lethbridge come up to coach.

Our partnership with A&W, through MealShare, saw us receiving monthly donations that helped with food supplies for our Kid's Kitchen program.  This was a much appreciated addition to our Healthy Living Project.  

The Canada Summer Jobs program provided funding for two positions.  Joey Marquis-Lariviere worked full-time for us during July and August.  He was a great help in keeping kids busy during those summer months.  Sara Gaudry worked part-time from September through December.  (Both young people had been Youth Members at the Centre for several years).  By the time their positions ended, both reported feeling that their jobs here at helped them in making career choices for themselves.

Liane, Program Worker, faithfully helped out whenever her schedule, and location, permitted.  She's had a wide range of projects put on her "to-do" list but she's always been up to the challenge.  She, and Roland, have also put in volunteer time around the Drop-In when extra tasks needed doing.

In looking back over 2021, I certainly appreciated the interest and encouragement received from others as we faced the "ups and downs" of a somewhat demanding year.  I would definitely like to say a very special "Thank you" to my Board of Directors for the time and commitment that you have provided.

Now we are already well into 2022.  Our budget will be a little tighter than usual this year but summer programming, new activities and projects are already on our mind.  Stay tuned to hear more as the weeks fly by!

Lynne Teneytcke,  BSW

Executive Director

Group Group Youth Society